New motorcycle gas tax coming April 20 due to trucker convoy

TORONTO, ON – In a press release earlier this morning, it was announced that the Green Party will be imposing a new gas tax on motorcycles starting late April as a response to the controversial Canadian “freedom convoy” that occupied downtown Ottawa.

Ted Puntrol, CEO of Atlantic-Pacific Gas, explained that the new tax is necessary to compensate for lost revenue during the convoy: “The truckers were one thing, but the motorcycle riders certainly were not helping the situation. I saw at least three of them weaving through the trucks like they weren’t even there. They should have stayed stuck in traffic, idling away their fuel like the rest of us.”

Puntrol continued to explain that without the motorcycle riders filling up as often as other victims of the convoy, the damages to gas companies has been significant, even with the recent upswing in gas prices. “My bonus this month is only five percent higher than last month. Five percent. What is a forty-thousand dollar bonus going to get me? Barely enough for a holiday,” he said. With Puntrol’s vacation on the line, he insists the tax will be “fair for everyone.”

April Kewl, a resident of downtown Ottawa, claims to be one of the motorcycle riders who weaved through traffic to bypass the traffic block. When asked if she believed the tax was fair, the rider answered: “What’s Puntrol’s address?”

The gas tax will be charged to all motorcycle riders at gas stations across Canada starting April 20.