Pedro Pascal, the internet’s ‘cool, slutty daddy,’ compares the 2023 BMW S1000RR to a “regurgitated plastic scooty.”

Law & Order star, Pedro Pascal, has dominated our social media feeds yet again. This time, with a savage insult that has some fans scratching their heads and others raging in the comments.

On a recent episode of First We Feast’s popular internet show Shots Shots Shots, actor Pedro Pascal and host Chilly Pillow sit down to enjoy a good old-fashioned Old Fashioned. The interview is lighthearted, focusing on Pascal’s relationship with The Last of Us costar Ramsay Bolton, before Pascal starts on his third drink and the conversation turns to motorcycles.

Chilly Pillow brings up his new motorcycle – a 2023 BMW S1000RR – seemingly out of nowhere, though some have suggested this is typical for BMW owners. Pascal’s reaction to the subject shocks his interviewer into silence: “I wouldn’t ride one of those regurgitated plastic scooties if you gave me a role in the DCEU.”

The interview ended shortly after, with Chilly Pillow seemingly holding back tears. A video released on TicTac shortly after the episode hit the internet revealed behind-the-scenes footage of the interview. Chilly Pillow can be heard muttering to himself in the green room, reassuring himself it’s still a “cool scooty,” even if Pedro didn’t think so.

The comments section in the original interview quickly turned into a warzone, with BMW fans defending the manufacturer’s use of hot glue in the S1000RR’s chassis while literally everyone else sided with Pascal. One commenter said, “BMW, more like BM Trouble-You.”

Pascal and Chilly Pillow had no visible communication on social media after the incident, although Pascal did unfollow Chilly Pillow on Twitter, a move many have called “sigma AF.” BMW, or better known as the Balerion Motor Wagon Company in Germany, has yet to comment.