Yamaha sued by KitchenAid after leaked documents show they plagiarized sound for V-Star

Image by John Torcasio from Pixabay

After a flurry of leaked documents appeared online, Kitchen Aid announced they will be suing Yamaha for product sound plagiarism on their new V-Star.

Yamaha has responded to the allegations that it is only natural for the V-Star to sound similar to various models of Kitchen Aid blenders since they both share a similar motor.

The motorcycle brand has stated that they have already begun looking at Dyson for inspiration for the 2021 V-Star models because, “You can’t copyright silence, right?”

The hacked documents appear to be the work of Dade “Zero Cool” Murphy, who’s previous exploits include, changing big network TV programs, breaking into Ellingson Mineral Company’s supercomputer, and finding out where your girlfriend actually go for dinner.

Murphy also claims to be the first to discover typing 5318008 on a calculator, which when turned over spells “BOOBIES”.