Student crashes LiveWire into a pool electrocuting 69 frat bros.

Boston, MA – First responders were called to a fraternity house in Boston at 4pm on a Tuesday afternoon after Brent Thompson, a student from Boston University, rode his LiveWire into a pool, electrocuting his frat bros.

The pool was filled with fellow frat students; 30 Kyle’s, 24 Brad’s, 13 Chad’s and 1 Keith when Brent Thompson attempted to jump the pool from a poorly constructed ramp made of pool chairs and beer cases.

“My bros thought I could make it over the pool,” said Brent, who’s recovering in the Boston Medical Center. “Bro, I crushed another Monster, cranked up the Cardi B, and just sent it. I can’t really remember what happen after I hit the water, but I woke here in the hospital, which is basically like a regular Friday night bro.”

At time of publishing, all 69 frat bros are expected to make a full recovery, but doctors have had a difficult time convincing them they will not turn into the Flash.