Man rides Goldwing into lake, in an attempt to not be seen riding a Goldwing

Minneapolis, US – In an attempt to not be seen riding a Goldwing, a Minneapolis man, who wished to stay anonymous, rode off Ground Rounds Trail and into Cedar Lake.

According to police reports, the rider thought he was about to be recognized by a pedestrian while stopped at a red light.

“I had to think fast to avoid being identified,” said the rider. “If my friends found out I rode a Goldwing, I’d never get invited over for birthday parties or sleepovers.”

“And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for those meddling plastic parts.”

In a recent press release, Goldwing said they all bikes assembled after 2021 will no longer be made with plastic .

“We seen the terrible embarrassment our motorcycles have caused to their owners. So starting in 2021, we will be replacing all plastic on our motorcycles with recyclable cardboard.”