Seattle biker postpones self quarantine till the weather gets better.

Seattle, USA – 24 year old motorcycle rider is delaying his self quarantine to wait for better riding weather.

Josh, who hasn’t shown any symptoms of the Covid-19, had planned to spend his 14-day quarantine riding his Suzuki Hayabusa’s around the Seattle city center. But, with a 50% chance of rain all week, he’s decided not to push his luck.

“After looking at the weather app on my phone, starting my quarantine this week doesn’t really work for me,” says Josh, sitting at his desk. “I’ve struggled with so many hardships in my life, like growing up without 5G wifi or Skip the Dishes. I deserve to have the option to choose a more convenient time to suffer.”

With most Gen Z choosing Netflix or Fortnite to #standstrong, Josh feels he could do something far more important for the world, posting pictures of his bike on Instagram to his 107 followers.

He added, “How will I be able to look my grandchildren in the eyes, when ask about the hardest time anyone has every had to live through. If I don’t go out there during this difficult time and fight back with creativity, we’ll never win this war.”